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"Why Don't You Notice the Log?"

Feb 4, 2024    Matthew Balentine

Engage in a deep conversation about the questions posed by Jesus in the heart of Ninth Avenue Church. This episode focuses on the profound question asked by Jesus in Matthew chapter 7 during the Sermon on the Mount - why do you notice the speck in your brother's eye, yet ignore the log in your own? Learn how this question serves as the driving force behind a compelling lesson on judgment, fault, and correction in our daily lives.

Dive in as we peel back the layers of the misunderstood exhortation 'do not judge.' Uncover the nuanced difference between judging and discerning, and realize why being judgmental is not within our realm. Understand better why self-improvement, introspection, understanding our faults, and correcting them should be our primary focus, under the guiding words of Jesus.

In this episode, the complex issues of judging versus discerning are explored within the frame of Christian teachings. We pick apart common 'judging' statements like "I would never," critically highlighting their misuse and potential consequential judgment. We further discuss how we can rise above these tendencies and lead a more compassionate, understanding Christian life.

Finally, journey on an introspective journey into the process of dealing with our sins, casting aside our judgment and focusing on being discerning, helpful, and understanding. This stimulating episode emphasizes the quintessential Christian principles of carrying each other's burdens and loving like Jesus, underscoring the overarching theme of empathy, understanding, and grace in our walks of faith.